The Westchester Center for Behavior Therapy utilizes Cognitive Behavior Therapy. The main difference between CBT and other forms of treatment is that CBT is both a cognitive and action oriented approach to mental health issues.

By understanding that you think first, feel second and behave third you can readily see that by controlling your thoughts, you can control how you feel. Controlling how you feel is the key to how you interact within your environment.

All of this might seem too simple compared to other treatments that suggest that years of insight are required for change, but we believe that's simply not true. By using Cognitive Behavior Therapy for over thirty years, WCBT has helped people solve their mental health concerns in a relatively brief and straight forward approach.  The key to successful treatment is uncovering thoughts otherwise known as "automatic thoughts" that are creating your negative emotions.

We have a great deal of expertise in the following areas:

Dr. Wayne Gersh
Clinical Director

We have special expertise in helping patients and their families manage and cope with illnesses. Dr. Wayne Gersh, an internationally known psychologist, has both written and lectured on helping patients and their families deal with illnesses.  Topics have included stress management, depression, energy management, as well as cancer and other serious illness issues. He has found that patients who believe that they can be active participants in their treatment are happier and feel more empowered. His book, Mind Over Malignancy - Living With Cancer, provides help for cancer patients and their families.

In addition, WCBT focuses on corporate and executive coaching. We assist executives ranging from managers to board members of international companies.  As psychologists, we bring a unique background to these sessions that differentiates us from  "traditional" coaches. We understand and pinpoint business issues that prevent forward movement. Most of these problems hold a psychological component that inhibits an otherwise successful outcome.

We invite you to come and explore the Westchester Center for Behavior Therapy.

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